Justice Committee ~ The Magistracy

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On 22nd March the House of Commons Justice Committee took evidence on the role of the magistracy.  I am sure that many will find the session interesting - to say the least!  You may have to wait a few seconds for the video playback to appear.

Reference material:

Sir Brian Leveson (President of the Queens Bench Division) -Review of Efficiency in Criminal Proceedings

Toward the end of the Justice Committee session there is some reference to the "Community Magistrates" in New Zealand - see Restorative Justice in New ZealandDistrict Court Justices of the Peace; and District Court Community Magistrates.

It's also interesting that this IPSOS MORI 2011 report was referred to - The strengths and skills of the judiciary in the Magistrates' Courts

Also, when the committee and its witnesses mentioned benches comprising a District Judge and Magistrates I could not help but think back to the Auld Report in 2001.   I am aware that such benches are convened from time-to-time but the criteria for doing so are not particularly clear.


Ad: Du lịch Lào giá cực rẻ - Ad: Du lịch Lào Thái Campuchia

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